Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas Time is Here...

Good evening! I hope that as you read the title to this post, you hear the children from A Charlie Brown Christmas singing, because that is what I had in mind. ; ) And, *applause, applause* I finally figured out how to put a title on my posts. Anyway, what with it snowing for the first time today (none of it actually accumulated, but it still counts) and my mother decorating the Christmas tree, I was inspired to write a Christmas-y post. I love this time of the year, for so many reasons, of which I will go into more detail some other time. Soon. I promise! But for now, here is what I am looking forward to doing over the holidays. My family and I just went to the mountains to cut a Christmas tree, which is always a delightful experience. Except for when my cousin and I got stuck on a steep and rocky side of the mountain with about a forty foot drop to a small creek. But it was in the worthy pursuit of a lovely tree, and we are back once more on level ground none too worse for the wear. But I digress. Our freshly cut tree is now being draped with lights and red beads and lace, which is always my mom's department. Then I come along to help her put ornaments on the tree while listening to our favorite Christmas music and drinking tea. I am hoping to convince my brother to put Christmas lights on the house, which if he doesn't get to it, I may very well break out the ladder and the stapler and try my hand at putting up lights. I'm eagerly anticipating attending a Christmas party with my friends, baking sugar cookies and eating too much raw dough, watching favorite Christmas movies - including A Christmas Carol, Polar Express, and While You Were Sleeping - and reading Christmas books. And listening to Christmas music. If you are looking for two of the best Christmas cd's, do try On Christmas Night by Cherish the Ladies, and First Christmas Morning, by Dan Fogelberg. They can be heard for free on Grooveshark or by clicking one of these links: On Christmas Night and First Christmas Morning 

While all of these Christmas doings are loverly, one of my favorite things about this time of year is reflecting on Jesus and his first coming. The story of his birth is rather fairy tale like, except that it is real. And the happily ever after - it includes us! Someday we will reach our happily ever after, the beginning of our true lives with our Redeemer and Friend. And I like to think that we might still celebrate Christmas on the New Earth, for this season brings us so much joy, and at least for me, draws me closer to my King. Forget the frantic shopping and holiday madness - it will all pass away. What is imperishable is our King and the treasure that we store up in Him. 

So here is wishing you the start of a beautiful Christmas season, one that I hope will bring you the joy of knowing why Jesus came. To top it off (and because I am having so much fun with links) here is one of my favorite parts of A Charlie Brown Christmas: 

I remain yours,

The Pen Maiden