Saturday, September 7, 2013

Gentle readers,

The Pen Maiden is a newly created blog, who's authoress is currently a very busy writer. She hopes to explore new modes of writing through this blog, and will turn her attentions to it as soon as she is able. Thank you for popping over, and please come by again! There are many blank pages yet to conquer!

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  1. SQUEEEEEEE! As soon as you linked to a blog and then said we would have some things to discuss, I was pretty sure I knew exactly what this was going to be. ;) I'm so excited you've joined us! *applauds*

    Wait, has this really been around since early September and I never even noticed??? Great grief! Pity I never happened to randomly look at your profile page. I do sometimes. :P

    You should get the followers box up and running, though. :D They used to have it there automatically but now I think you have to put it there yourself. If you go to the 'layout' and then look at the sidebar options (like "add a gadget," maybe?) it should be there.

    Or if it's not-- once I follow your blog (I know a way to do this without the box), it will say you have a follower and then when you click on that, it should have the option to add the followers gadget. I highly recommend it. ;)


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